Smarter Fun in the Summer

Activity Ideas

Boys & Girls Club members spend their summer vacations reading, writing, playing games, exploring nature, conducting science experiments and participating in other fun activities that fight learning loss. Try these ideas, inspired by Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Brain Gain summer curriculum, to keep your kids excited about learning this season.

Time Machine

Use books or websites to research your favorite historical character, from literature or real-life. Use old clothes or items you can find in a thrift store to create a costume, and dress up like your character. Invite friends to choose their own favorites, then host a costume party!

Science Lab

Get your kids thinking like scientists with experiments that you can do at home, like exploding a paper bag or making a film-canister rocket. Find these and other fun ideas at

Service Learning

Do a community service project with your kids. Check your local churches, nonprofit organizations or government agencies for volunteer opportunities. Look for something that relates to your children's interests, such as helping out at an animal rescue. Or, create a project on your own, like picking up litter in a nearby park.

Obstacle Course

Help your kids design a backyard obstacle course. Then, run, jump, hop, skip and slither through it. Old tires, hula hoops, balls, cones – use whatever you can find to make it fun! Challenge yourself to move faster, jump higher or slither longer over the course of a week.

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