Mobile Smarts

  • Using a cell phone? Teens should know the rules.

    With today's youth armed with the latest cell phones, mobile gaming devices, tablets and more, keeping tabs on where your kids are is easy. What they are using the device for, or furthermore who they are communicating with, may be a different story. Mobile technologies have streamlined our communication channels, but opened up a new array of discussions around digital ethics, privacy and cyberbullying. Learn how to know if your child is ready to take on the responsibility of a mobile device and the best ways to monitor mobile phone use.

  • Tips for Parents on Cell Phone and Mobile Technology Use

    1. Talk with your child about proper cell phone etiquette. Talk about places where it is appropriate to use cell phones. If she has a smart phone or game device that has Internet access, remind her that the Internet safety rules in your family apply to her mobile device as well.
    2. Model good cell phone behaviors for your child. Your child watches you while you use the phone.
    3. Establish technology free times and zones. For example, set a rule that cell phones and mobile technology are not used at the family dining table or during homework time. And then make sure you follow the rules yourself!
    4. Establish with your child that you will periodically check his cell phone.
    5. Check the monthly statement for unusual charges or activity. Talk with your child if anything in the bill raises questions.
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    A Girl's Nude Photo, and Altered Lives

    Eighth-grader Margarite shared more than "I love you" texts with her new boyfriend. She shared a full length nude photo of herself, a practice known as "sexting." A few weeks later that same photo started making the rounds of her community and many lives were forever changed.

    What would you do if you found evidence of sexting on your child's mobile phone?