Online Privacy

  • Setting limits to personal information.

    Online profiles, pictures, videos, instant messages and email are all part of a young person’s everyday experience online. Do you question how much is too much and if your child is passing along too much personal information? Emerging technologies and constant privacy setting changes to our favorite sites make it harder for all of us to control and maintain our privacy. Our tips and conversation starters are designed to help parents guide their children to protect their privacy. Use our resources to find the most up-to-date privacy settings to ensure your child has a cyber safe future.

  • Tips for Parents on Online Privacy

    1. Be specific about what’s appropriate to share online and what should be kept private. What you think is personal and what your child thinks is personal may be very different. Ask your child what kinds of things he thinks are okay to share online.
    2. Model good online behaviors for your child and talk about what you like to do online. Discuss a time you had to make a decision about what to share online and how you decided what to do.
    3. Spend time with your child online. Ask her to show you her favorite sites. Play her favorite online game with her. By spending time with her, you can share your values and let her know what she should and should not share via the Internet.
    4. Tell your child to never share her passwords with anyone. It’s becoming more common today, especially among pre-teens who are exploring how to talk with the opposite sex. Many teens believe sharing passwords is a way of building trust with their friends.
    5. Tell your child to ask an adult he trusts if he has a question about something he wants to share online.
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    How do you teach your children about identity theft and sharing sensitive information online?