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Success360° is Altria’s tobacco companies’ investment in leading national and local nonprofit organizations that serve middle school kids and their families. Success360° helps these organizations deliver proven-effective programs and collaborate to better connect the services they provide to students in and out of school. In this way, the companies are helping to make sure middle school kids have the full range of tools they need to succeed academically, make good decisions and avoid risky behaviors like tobacco use.

By supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s More Members More Often initiative, Altria’s companies are helping to build Clubs’ capacity to recruit more members and ensure that all members attend Clubs more frequently. This support is also enabling  Boys & Girls Clubs to better measure program and youth outcomes.

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Age Category 13-15
In a 2007 Harris Interactive survey, 51 percent of Club alumni say they achieved a higher level of education than they thought possible because of attending their Club.