Kraft Foods Group Foundation
Kraft Foundation

The Kraft Foods Group Foundation proudly partners with Boys & Girls Clubs of America on the Kraft Great Futures Kitchen program, a comprehensive initiative expanding access to nutritious food for kids and teens. Designed to help Club members and their families live and eat better, the Kraft Great Futures Kitchen program will renovate Club kitchen facilities, provide youth and family cooking classes, establish food bank partnerships, and install Club-based fruit and vegetable gardens.

Kraft and its Foundation believe that everyone deserves good food and beverages. Addressing food insecurity and improving nutrition among youth is critical as children’s eating habits can affect readiness to learn and overall well-being. By improving access to nutritious meals and snacks after school, the Kraft Great Futures Kitchen program envisions a generation of youth who are empowered to make healthy decisions throughout their lives. The program will also directly contribute to BGCA’s goal to serve more than 500 million meals and snacks to young people in need by 2018.

5% of Club members are less than 6 years of age.
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