National Basketball Coaches Association

The National Basketball Coaches Association, team general managers, NBA Athletic Trainers Association, and the National Basketball Association is partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to bring the Coaches for Kids program to Club members.
Through the program, NBA coaches, assistant coaches, GMs and athletic trainers will contribute to the Coaches for Kids program, which will enable BGCA to provide tickets to NBA games for more than 90,000 young people in the league’s 30 markets over the last two years.

Youth participating in the program will also have the opportunity to meet with the members of the team’s basketball staff and learn the fundamentals of the game, the values of sportsmanship and teamwork, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As part of the program, the Coaches Association has announced that over the next 15 years, their membership will contribute $15 million for BGCA through contributions and other fundraising activities that will support the Coaches for Kids program.

About the National Basketball Coaches Association
Founded in 1976, the National Basketball Coaches Association consists of all Head and Assistant Coaches plus alumni (approximately 250 members). The organization works closely with the NBA on all matters that pertain to the coaching profession. NBA Coaches for Kids is an initiative of the Association geared to “give back” to the great game of NBA Basketball.

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In its 2012 Philanthropy 400 report, The Chronicle of Philanthropy placed Boys & Girls Clubs of America in the No. 1 position among youth organizations for the 19th consecutive year.