Team Up to Stop Bullying!
Sears: Team Up to Stop Bullying

Boys & Girls Clubs of America has joined with Sears and a coalition of other nonprofits for the Team Up to Stop Bullying campaign.  Team Up To Stop Bullying is an initiative developed by Sears to connect bullying solutions with victims, families, educators, schools and communities. This website offers a wide variety of information, solutions and services from a comprehensive list of leading bullying solutions organizations and programs. 

When parents discover bullying, the situation is often already serious and many parents don't know where to go for help. Team Up To Stop Bullying makes it easier for those affected by bullying to find solutions for all types of situations, including individual needs, community-based issues or school-based challenges. As an additional way to express support, parents, children and victims who visit the site are invited to take the "Power Pledge" as well as find solutions that work for their own bullying issue.

Age Category 13-15
In its 2012 Philanthropy 400 report, The Chronicle of Philanthropy placed Boys & Girls Clubs of America in the No. 1 position among youth organizations for the 19th consecutive year.