Taco Bell Foundation
Standing with teens to ignite their full potential, starting with high school graduation.

The Taco Bell Foundation is the largest corporate 501(c)3 focused on inspiring teens to graduate high school and achieve their full potential. We are a subsidiary of one of the largest teen employers and have been partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs of America for 20 years to make teen empowerment a national priority. With our historic $30 million investment and Graduate for Más platform, we are preparing teens for high school, creating pathways to higher education, providing access to scholarships and celebrating graduates.

By 2018, our $30 million investment will result in:

  • 568,000 teens on track to graduate
  • $8 billion in economic impact
  • Access to $83 million in educational scholarships.
Visit www.graduateformas.com for more information.

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67% of our Club members are from minority families.