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Bright Spot for Reading
Ensuring a meaningful education for every child in America has never been more crucial than it is today. America’s young people are performing poorly in school. Despite decades of reform, the American educational system is struggling to meet the increasing demands placed on it. Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s effort to address critical issues in education, Every Member, Every Year, is targeted to ensure that all Club members graduate from high school on time, ready for a post-secondary education and a 21st-century career. The success of Every Member, Every Year is contingent upon members’ success at literacy tasks.

BGCA has partnered with The Walmart Foundation to implement an initiative to engage adolescents in reading and literacy. With Walmart Foundation’s generous support, 200 local Boys & Girls Clubs have created Bright Spot for Reading centers, nurturing environments which provide resources to encourage adolescents to read more and develop a more positive attitude toward reading.

Watch this video, featuring actor Courtney B. Vance, to learn more about the Bright Spot Program.

This project also encourages Boys & Girls Clubs to develop or strengthen existing partnerships with their local libraries to enhance programs and services. Through enhanced programming at the Club, use of technology and partnerships within the community, the Bright Spots for Reading initiative aims to instill in youth, ages 11-15, a desire to become life-long learners.

And Healthy Servings
Boys & Girls Clubs of America has many members who do not receive adequate nutrition outside of its walls on a daily basis and are even unaware of the concept of a healthy lifestyle. In accordance with its long history of providing food to its members, BGCA has established a partnership with The Walmart Foundation to eradicate hunger and under-nutrition in the U.S. Since 2009, the generosity of Walmart Foundation has provided more than $4 million to help more than 700 Boys & Girls Clubs provide healthy meals and snacks to their members during the summer and throughout the year. Another component of this initiative is a supportive environment that promotes an interest in personal health, motivating young people to develop healthy habits.  This partnership helps Clubs enter into collaborations with other community and state organizations to ensure that every child has the nutrition they need to realize their full potential and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.  

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In its 2012 Philanthropy 400 report, The Chronicle of Philanthropy ranked Boys & Girls Clubs of America as number 18 among all nonprofit organizations.