Are You Ready?
It's back-to-school time!
Keke Palmer set the alarm for education!

On Tuesday, August 21, actress/singer Keke Palmer (above, middle) joined Boys & Girls Club members in New York City's Union Square to raise awareness about things kids need for academic success, including quality after-school programs to support and reinforce what they learn in school. Hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and presenting partner jcpenney, this event highlighted the tools needed to prepare for success in school -- including healthy habits such as a nutritious breakfast and a good night's sleep.

Featuring educational obstacle courses and fun "morning routine" races, the annual back-to-school campaign’s goal is to educate the public about the role community-based Boys & Girls Clubs play in supporting academic success for youth during the critical out-of-school hours. While millions of American youth fail to graduate from high school each year, the truth is that many of them are falling behind before they even get started. They need supplies, like pens and paper, as well as the support and enrichment that Boys & Girls Clubs offer.

Working together, Clubs, communities and educational partners can help young people stay on track for a Great Future!

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 Keke Palmer joins Club members in celebrating graduation!
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