Brook Lopez at the Club:  A Marvel-ous Day!
Recently, the New Jersey Nets center dropped by our Dunlevy Milbank Boys & Girls Club in Harlem.
 Brook Lopez hands out video games  Brook Lopez displays his own drawing based on the video game.

New York -- November 16, 2012 -- New Jersey Net center, avid video gamer and comic fan Brook Lopez stopped by the Dunlevy Milbank Boys & Girls Club in Harlem, N.Y., to put Club members' video and drawing skills to the test. 

Using art from the new video game Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth, Brook helped Club members draw images from the game. He then challenged the teens at the game on XBOX 360. It was a fun and inspirational afternoon at the Club. 

Thanks to Brook and video game maker Ubisoft for a great afternoon!


Age Category 16-18
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