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The Family PLUS initiative enables Clubs to partner with families and collaborate with other community agencies to ensure the positive development of youth through programming, resources and support. The model has five key components.


Family PLUSThe Family PLUS (Parents Leading, Uniting, Serving) initiative provides additional support for Club members and their families, both traditional and non-traditional. Kinship care programming provides knowledge and resources to extended family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) who have assumed the primary caregiver role. Father involvement programming supports fathers in taking a more active, positive role in their children’s lives. Outreach, recruitment and retention activities help Clubs engage and integrate parents, other family members and children into Club life. The Family Advocacy Network (FAN) Club, empowers parents through leadership, educational and social activities and individual support. Economic opportunity programs help family members advance their education and build their skills so they can secure stable jobs with increased earnings.

Family PLUS:  Tips and News

The Family PLUS initiative strives to help families through a myriad of challenges they face every day. Take a moment to peruse some of the Family PLUS downloadable resources located in the far right column. From tips about cold prevention to homework assistance, money management to legal regulations, these resources provide basic tips to assist in strenthening families and supporting young people.

Often the unsung hero of the family, mothers are there with both hugs and admonishments, encouragements and corrections. As your family moves into the holiday season, don't forget to thank your mom for all that she does! Learn more about three special moms noted below -- each was selected by kids and Clubs as inspirational! 

Inspirational Moms
Wake up early. Make sure the kids are prepared and on time for school. Get dinner ready, help with homework, spend quality time with the kids before bedtime, and try to find a few minutes for herself.  Motherhood is a wonderful, yet complex undertaking.  No guidebook, plenty of advice and lots of on-the job training.
Mothers are nurturers, providers and protectors.  Surveys report that one of the biggest challenges in raising children today is dealing with outside influences such as drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, television and other media outlets, which were not as prevalent even thirty years ago. Though children are expected to be more self-sufficient, mothers are often the ones caught juggling the duties of work and family life.

Being a great mom is a non-stop effort, often with few accolades.  That ceased this year with the search for the 2012 Most Inspirational Mom.  Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Kimberly-Clark Corporation hosted a search for the top three finalists who received a University of Phoenix full-tuition scholarship (undergraduate or graduate and electronic educational materials).

Three Outstanding Moms
Nominated as EXCELLENT moms by their children and local Boys & Girls Club staff, following are the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things based on their contributions to their children, families and communities:

When Lucero Cano first moved to the U.S. she had the challenge of learning a new language while working two jobs to take care of her new baby. As a single mom, she worked long hours, often six days a week, which led to her getting sick and becoming unable to work. After she recuperated, Cano began teaching swim lessons at the Boys & Girls Club of Union County and developed quite a following through her specialized teaching practices. She tries to know every kid on a personal level so that they can have a positive experience in the pool, while they learn to swim.

Teresa Grey has two daughters.  She works at the Boys & Girls Club of Smoky Mountains where she began as a volunteer and worked her way up to Unit Director. Late last year Grey got married, but found out three days later that her new husband had cancer. Despite the challenge, Grey continues to be an inspiration through her work at the Club and her involvement in the community. She collects coats for the less fortunate, helps feed the hungry, collects truck loads of toys for the holidays and helps community youth find scholarships.
Angelica Navarro is a single mother of four. In addition to the typical challenges a single parent faces, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011. Unfortunately, health issues are nothing new to Navarro as she helped her parents raise her sister who has down-syndrome. Recently, Navarro’s youngest child was diagnosed with severe autism. Despite all of these challenges, Navarro approaches life with a smile and reaches out to kids as an art director at her local Boys & Girls Club. A recent New Year’s resolution was to get her college degree.

In addition to the full scholarships, each of these INSPIRATIONAL moms received a Kimberly-Clark survival kit, which includes a one-year supply of its well-known brands such as Viva, Kleenex, Cottonelle and Huggies.

During the holidays, don't forget all the things your mom does for you. Be sure to thank the inspirational mom in your life!

Happy holidays!

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