Triple Play: A Game Plan for Mind, Body and Soul

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Providing work-based learning experiences to teens.

Our nation is facing a workforce readiness crisis. Employers are demanding a stronger, more robust talent pipeline to meet the evolving industry needs and are reporting they are unable to find qualified talent with strong essential skills like communication, customer service, collaboration and creative thinking. At the same time, youth are seeking increased access and exposure to opportunities that spark excitement in career exploration and teach the necessary skills to be career ready. 

With AT&T’s generous support, Boys & Girls Clubs of America is developing a new work-based learning guide that will help Club staff offer work-based learning experiences to prepare teens for success in the workplace. These learning experiences will provide valuable training, support and regular coaching from Club staff. 

Additionally, AT&T continues to support key markets that have board engagement and employee engagement initiatives with pass-through funding.

Providing critical support through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide are working to provide digital programming and support to youth and families, and access to services for families of first responders, the U.S. Military, National Guard, Military Reserve, healthcare workers and other essential industries.

AT&T has generously partnered with BGCA to help ensure local Clubs can continue this critical response work and ready more Clubs to do the same in their communities. Additionally, AT&T’s support is helping to power digital youth development and BGCA’s work to ready virtual platforms to provide services and training to Clubs.

About Philanthropy at AT&T

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. Through its philanthropic initiatives and working with other organizations, AT&T has a long history of supporting projects that create learning opportunities; promote academic and economic achievement; and address community needs. In 2010, more than $148.2 million was contributed through corporate, employee and AT&T Foundation giving programs.