AT&T has collaborated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to enrich the lives of kids and teens across the nation by increasing their access to digital programming that supports academic success, leadership and service and healthy lifestyles.

Access to Online Learning and its Positive Impact on Club kids.

As many as 18% of young people in the U.S. don’t have access to high-speed internet at home. BGCA helps to connect Clubs, parents and families to free or low-cost high-speed internet as well as devices to help kids and teens get online.

As we look to the future and a post-pandemic world, virtual programming and experiences will continue to be foundational to the Club experience, enabling Clubs to maintain safe in-person and online environments and reach more youth beyond Club walls with high-quality programs, peer and adult connections and safe spaces.

AT&T and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Collaborate to Help Bridge the Digital Divide

AT&T plans to reach 50 total centers nationwide through the AT&T Connected Learning initiative, including at Boys & Girls Clubs.

This initiative, part of a companywide $2 billion commitment made last year to help address the digital divide, aims to provide communities with the connectivity, computers, and digital skills needed for success in school and in life. CLCs in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Augusta, GA were unveiled last month. For a complete list of CLCs across the country, go to

Driving Growth & Engagement on MyFuture

AT&T is investing in BGCA’s digital learning platform, MyFuture, which empowers youth by introducing them to entertaining, educational content relevant to skills necessary to succeed in school, work and life. Youth who participate in online learning via the MyFuture platform gain access to the same expansive content as their peers regardless of whether or not they are able to attend their local Club in-person. AT&T’s support of the MyFuture platform will enable continued member growth both in and outside the Club and additional training and resources for Club staff – who play a critical role in the adoption, engagement and growth of the MyFuture platform.

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AT&T and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Collaborate to Help Bridge the Digital Divide

AT&T expands its Connected Learning Center footprint to more locations, including at Boys & Girls Clubs, bringing the benefits of broadband and digital access to even more people. Read more →

About Philanthropy & Social Innovation at AT&T

We’re committed to advancing education, creating opportunities, strengthening communities and improving lives. As part of our companywide $2 billion commitment from 2021 - 2023 to address the digital divide, we launched AT&T Connected Learning to invest in connectivity and technology, digital literacy and education solutions to help today’s learners succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Since 2008, we’ve committed more than $600 million to programs that help millions of students across all 50 states and around the world, particularly those in underserved communities.