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Celebrating the superhero potential in everyone.

Becoming a superhero takes time, training and talent. Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s partnership with The CW series “Black Lightning” elevates and celebrates everyday superheroes at Boys & Girls Clubs — youth development professionals! The CW Network/CW Good generously supports critical staff trainings led by Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s expert Youth Development department. These ongoing in-person and web-based trainings aim to share best practices, introduce new methods and approaches and strengthen overall outcomes for kids and teens across the country. Ultimately, Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth Development trainings ready our everyday superheroes to face the challenges of the future — while meeting the needs of kids and teens today.

Through a series of special events, cast members of “Black Lightning” will visit select Boys & Girls Clubs across the country to honor the everyday superheroes in that Club community. By recognizing youth development professionals at Boys & Girls Clubs and inspiring kids and teens, “Black Lightning” will celebrate the superhero potential in everyone.

About The CW’s “Black Lightning”
Father of two girls and principal of Garfield High School, a safe haven for young people in a neighborhood overrun by gang violence, Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning emerges as a superhero. Coming out of retirement, Black Lightning uses his powers for good to keep his family and community safe. He’s gifted with the superhuman power to harness and control electricity, which he uses to fight crime, corruption and gang violence.Learn more about Black Lightning.

About CW Good
The CW and its talent are passionate about and committed to raising awareness for a number of charitable causes. CW Good is the platform designed to spotlight those efforts and inspire YOU to get involved as well. Together, we can make the world a better place.

The CW Network’s new initiative, We Defy, is an on-air, digital, social and print campaign reinforcing the network’s commitment to inclusion and representation. The CW is open to all.