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For generations Clubs have worked across the aisle for better futures for kids

Modeling Unity for America’s Youth

The 2020 Election was already one for the history books, taking place as it did amid a global pandemic. It led citizens to be adaptable when it came to exercising the most pivotal part of our democracy: the right and the responsibility to vote. The result was the highest voter turnout in U.S. history, with young voter turnout hitting record numbers. The 117th Congress will be the most diverse in history.

As always, it is amazing to see democracy in action and despite the tragic and unacceptable events at the Capitol building earlier this month, in the days and weeks surrounding Inauguration Day we are thankful to maintain our nation’s long history of peaceful transitions of power.

As a nonpartisan non-profit organization, we look forward to working with President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, the 117th Congress and all our newly elected and incumbent officials at local, state and national levels to further policies and solutions that will ensure great futures for all youth in our nation. No matter party or politician, our priority is and will always be, advocating for what’s best for our youth.

Throughout our history, Boys & Girls Clubs have prided ourselves on continuously being one thing that all parties agree on, and we work “across the aisle” to achieve policies that make a profound impact on the youth we serve. To name a few examples, over the years we have:

  • Been honored by President Herbert Hoover, who was a close friend of Clubs and holds a special place in Boys & Girls Clubs of America history. Hoover was elected Chairman of the national board in 1936 and spent most of his post-presidential years helping youth through programs like the ones Clubs provided.
  • Worked with President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, to support Boys & Girls Clubs in Georgia, including the 1999 opening of the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Boys & Girls Club in Plains, Georgia.
  • Honored President George H.W. Bush with the Herbert Hoover Humanitarian Award for outstanding leadership and support for educational and youth development programs.
  • Partnered with President Barack Obama on the My Brother’s Keeper initiative to provide young men of color with mentors, and on the Promise Zones initiative to create and invest in community partnerships and expand educational opportunities.
  • Served on the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, established by President Donald Trump, to support America’s current and future workforce having access to vital education and training opportunities to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce.

While serving in the Senate and as Vice President, President Joe Biden was both a friend to his local Boys & Girls Clubs in Delaware and to Clubs nationwide. He was a vital champion in efforts to expand our Club footprint, especially in public housing and Indian Country. He has been a vocal proponent of education, childcare, increasing funding for schools and has shown consistent support for working families who live below the poverty line.

Hear President Biden in his own words of why he champions Boys & Girls Clubs and the important work we do.

We are optimistic about growing this foundation of support with the new administration and look forward to continuing to advocate for youth every day.

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