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Dreams have no limits

Although today’s young people are facing tremendous challenges, dreams have no limits when kids have Clubs. Nearly 100% of Club teens expect to graduate from high school this year, with 8 in 10 applying for college.

Now that’s something to celebrate.

Next stop: Great futures

“The Club helped me think bigger, dream bigger and see what was possible.”
Kris Gibbs-Smith

Club kids prove there’s no limit to how big young people can dream or what they can accomplish when they have the Club.

Essence didn’t have an easy life growing up, but the Club helped her navigate life’s ups and downs. Now, she’s preparing to graduate and pursue her dream of a degree in music education.

Kris didn’t know there were possibilities beyond his neighborhood until he joined the Club. He went from an unconfident kid to an accomplished tech CEO (and that’s just the beginning).

Octavius grew up in a community where there was a lot of violence. He wasn’t a part of it, but could easily have been without the Boys & Girls Club.

Share your dream for today’s graduates

What is your dream for today’s graduating seniors? Share a brief message below, and we’ll send it to Club teens as they prepare for their next chapter.

Help More Kids Graduate

One in 6 kids doesn’t graduate high school on time, and research shows graduation rates have dropped in at least 20 states since the pandemic. With your support, Boys & Girls Clubs help young people open doors to graduation and great futures.

$1.50 a day is all it takes to support kids every day. Help more young people year-round stay on track for graduation.

Are you a Boys & Girls Club graduate?

One in 16 Americans is a Club kid. Join our free alumni community to receive exclusive resources and connect to opportunities and each other. Once a Club kid, always a Club kid. Join now.

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