A space for teens like you

A space for teens like you

Meet friends, find your voice and take control of your future.

The CLUB is a space within Boys & Girls Clubs created especially for teens, apart from the younger kids.

Attending The CLUB

The CLUB is a safe place for teens age 13-18, where you can drop in after school and be yourself without feeling the pressure of being judged. Teen center hours and activities vary by community but all offer a unique environment that feels like family.

Things to do at The CLUB

From sports to the arts, volunteerism to academic pursuits, The CLUB offers you resources and programs to create meaningful experiences today as you prepare a plan for the future. We’re here to listen and guide you as you choose your path forward.

Life after The CLUB

You are a member for life. As you take your next steps, remember The CLUB is always a home away from home. We are on a mission to provide college and career resources, such as scholarships, mentorship and job networking for Club alumni.