Uncertain Future

The future is uncertain for millions of kids, even more so with education and support systems disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As millions of out-of-work Americans look toward recovery, young people need Boys & Girls Clubs now more than ever to build the essential skills they will need to succeed in a competitive workforce. With a safe space and positive mentors to guide them, today’s youth will exceed beyond the circumstances that surround them and meet the challenges of employers who are reimagining the future of jobs in America.

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Infograph Talking

93% of employers consider communication an essential skill yet only 49% find it in candidates.

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Our Stories

An innovative food truck program at a South Florida Boys & Girls Club teaches teens much more than how to flip a burger. It’s preparing them for the workplace—and for life.

Financial literacy helped Tamara prepare for life after high school and beyond.

Workforce readiness programs are doing whatever it takes to position young people to transcend the workforce skills gap.