Youth & Law Enforcement

Rebuilding Trust in Our Communities

Declining trust between youth and law enforcement is a complex issue - and we can’t solve it alone. A core tenant of high-quality youth development is building community partnerships, including law enforcement. The relationships between youth and law enforcement are particularly critical because lack of trust and understanding can lead to unnecessary arrests, acts of violence and unsafe communities.

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In 2017, Boys & Girls Clubs of America hosted the Building Trust Between Youth and Law Enforcement Convening with a cross-sector group of leaders and practitioners to begin the conversation on how to support meaningful relationships between youth and law enforcement. Through a high-level, action-focused discussion, we identified ways that Clubs can serve as community anchors that build trust and safety, elevate youth voice and position law enforcement as partners.

Now, we’re harnessing data, experiences and portable practices to help set an agenda for action and build bridges in communities across America. This blueprint summarizes key research on this issue, highlights strategic recommendations and outlines actions communities can take.


Empowering Safe Communities - Building Positive Relationships with Youth & Law Enforcement