Great Think – STEM

Advancing STEM Education Outside the Classroom

Great Think STEMEngaging Underrepresented Youth in STEM

In May 2014, thought leaders representing higher education, government, corporations and nonprofits participated in BGCA’s STEM Great Think, the first national discussion to combine innovation and creativity with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programming in the out-of-school time environment. The purpose of the STEM Great Think was to develop a plan for securing strategic partnerships to advance STEM education in the out-of-school time space to engage more underrepresented youth in these disciplines and set them on the path to successful careers.

"It's important to help kids understand what's underneath the everyday things that they love: what's underneath the games, the apps and the device. It's math. It's engineering. It's design thinking."
Colleen Cassity
Corporate Citizenship Director, Oracle


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