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This is our opportunity to unite together to make this change.

The #YouthVote won’t stop, and neither should you.
Posted 11/08/2018 by Alexia L. in Youth Voice

Youth Vote boomerang#YouthVote

You’ve seen the hashtags everywhere. You’ve seen the ads between posts on your Instagrams, Snapchats, & Twitters. Your favorite celebrities have been screaming “VOTE!” from the rooftops…….. but do you know why? On November 6, 2018 midterm elections took place nationwide. In every state young people like you and me took charge and ran to the polls to show that WE stand for change and WE are the means by which it will come.  Here’s a little breakdown on what’s been going on leading up to this election.

Right now, in the United States the 18-25 voter bloc is the largest in numbers – that’s us. America’s youth.

We have the man power to completely and continuously transform our country into the place we’ve always dreamed. A nation of inclusivity and representation. A nation of genuine justice where life is equitable not for some, but for everyone.

On November 6, we voted for all of Congress. Our representatives, our senators, our governors and more. Choosing the right people for these seats is vital to the prosperity of this country. And in many states like Florida, there were massive ballot initiatives that could possibly aid many of those who have been disenfranchised to get their voting rights back. In states like Georgia, history could be made with the first black female governor being elected.

This matters! Through our votes, we have a chance to make our voices heard.

Hundreds of thousands of new young voters registered for this election to make a difference. Even if you feel like most issues don’t affect you, I hope you convened to help those who are marginalized. For some groups, like women and minorities, the right to vote wasn’t always there – so take this privilege seriously!

Now that Election Day has passed, voter education is still just as important to be mentally and politically present, so get your information. It’s easily accessible if you use a tool we all love – social media! In addition to following your friends and celebrities, follow elected officials or a reliable news source.

On college campuses like my own, Hampton University, we’ve been registering, educating and motivating young voters to get out. Here are a few pictures from our Monday Donut & Vote Up table! We handed out hundreds of donuts to students and solidified their plan to vote.

The Boys & Girls Club has planted the seeds in me to be more civically engaged, accountable to my community and ultimately to be change we want to see in the world. This is our opportunity to unite together to make this change.

It’s really hard to stay politically and civically engaged at this age, I get it. But your political presence is a present! A present to yourselves, to your futures, to your families. The decisions being made by our representatives  can last a lifetime. In 2018 and beyond, use your voice and use your vote!



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