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Do things you've never done and try new things.

Hiking & Photography Adventure
Posted 03/07/2019 by Khalil M. in Youth Voice

Open Mind & Experiences
Before I dive in, I want to preface with saying this: Do the things that scare you, that excite you, that make your heart beat faster. Because it is those very moments that make you so glad you did! It will be so worth it!

Hiking Monte Sano Mountain
8 AM. Alexa sounds the morning alarm and I slowly roll out of bed onto the floor, wrapped up in my Snuggie. Irritated & half asleep, I really questioned why, on a Saturday morning, I decided to hike. In a blink of an eye, my 8:20 alarm sounded with Panic at the Disco’s Say Amen and I’m still on the floor.

Once dressed and Nikon D90 camera charged up, I finally left after 9. Driving through the city and uphill was actually quiet. Or maybe it was because I completely realized I was about to hike. By myself. And feeling adventurous. As soon as I arrived, other people were just now entering the base or heading towards the nature preserve. Still nervous, I could feel my anxiety, my fear, creep up and mask any sense of excitement left. One step at a time, I climbed uphill. Camera in one hand and hope in the other. Ten minutes in, I heard fast moving steps & crackling of leaves headed towards me. Uncertain of which direction, I froze in place and out came a runner exercising her way through the path. As she passed by, I took a deep breath and let go of my doubts, my fear, and explored. Not knowing what was behind each branch, bush or divided paths. Not looking for confirmation from anyone or anything. Not asking, “Is this right?”  I just moved.

Khalil's Photography

As I relaxed and became comfortable with my surroundings, I started to see the natural world. I begin to look through my yellow lens shades and explore how high trees were, touching hills of collapsed limestone and rocks. My curiosity led me towards so many unknown areas to the naked eye. My doubts melted away like snow and frost on the ground. Moreover, I could feel connected to something beyond my technological life. Listening to birds chirping, tree branches and bushes rustling in the wind, and sunlight brightening darkened areas made me feel free. Before I knew it, I had hiked pretty high and could overlook where the horizon and city met. To see where electrical lines and poles reached areas so far away.

Khalil's Photography

If anything, I felt relaxed and found what I like to do. Yes, I was afraid and unsure of what could happen. But it was taking that step, that jump over fear where I could really enjoy what’s on the other side. I think Will Smith said that and he was right! All and all, I had an amazing time & will continue to hike new mountains. Moreover, I will continue to do just this, doing the things I’ve never done and trying new things.

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