Recognizing Global Road Safety Week and educating teens in Clubs about driver safety.

Distracted Driving: A Wake Up Call For Teens
Posted 05/17/2021 by Kamelah Muhammad in Club Stories,Partner News

Distracted driving, which can include driving while texting, eating or talking on the phone, claimed 3,142 lives in 2019 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Teaching teens early on the importance of safety while driving can instill positive driving habits for a lifetime. From May 17-23, 2021, Boys & Girls Clubs of America is recognizing Global Road Safety Week though our partnership with The UPS Foundation to educate teens in Clubs about driver safety. 

Yensid D., a UPS Road Code Teen Ambassador from the Boys & Girls Club at Pierce Middle School says seeing her mom hit by a distracted driver was an eye opening experience. “My mom was hit by someone who had been texting while driving,” Yensid said. “I never really paid too much attention to my surroundings while my mom was driving. I would mostly just sing way too loud and ask my little brother ’are we there yet?’ But after my mom’s accident, I noticed everything like people running red lights and even speeding up when the light turned yellow. I also noticed other drivers not using turn signals, some drivers putting on makeup and the worst was texting and driving.”

Since 2009, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The UPS Foundation have partnered to change the trend of distracted driving with transformative impact programming that can save lives. Through Club staff and UPS volunteers, teens are learning how to drive safely, and why it is so important to keep their eyes and focus on driving. Yensid says because of what she has learned she will be able to make wiser decisions on the road. “Between my personal experience and what I have learned from UPS Road Code program, I know I will be a safer driver when I’m old enough,” said Yensid who plans to obtain her drivers’ license when she turns 16. “However, I do want other drivers, young and old, to know the importance of making the roadway safe for all of our families and friends.”

Yensid says she is on a mission to educate others about practicing safe driving habits. Here are 10 ways you can be safe on the road:

  1. Look left, right, left before entering an intersection.
  2. Keep space in front of your car when stopped in traffic.
  3. Delay your start-up by three seconds after the vehicle in front of you has started to move.
  4. Maintain a good following distance.
  5. Look further down the road – look for changes in your travel path.
  6. Scan parked cars – look for signs of movement.
  7. Identify stale green lights.
  8. Look for eye contact.
  9. Look over your shoulders when changing lanes.
  10. Check mirrors every 5-8 seconds.

To learn more about the UPS Road Code Program and download resources, visit

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