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Empowering the next generation of leaders starts by ensuring Club kids have what they need to succeed today.

Empowering the Next Generation of History Makers
Posted 08/09/2022 by Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Alumni

What does it mean to make history? 

Is it having an idea and being brave enough to pursue it? Is it showing more resilience, work ethic and grit than the average person? Is it learning from the past and refusing to let it repeat itself? 

Making history happens in many ways for many reasons, but there’s one thing many future history makers have in common — the Boys & Girls Club.  

At the Club, kids get the critical meals, safe spaces and positive adult influences they need to succeed. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of America has partnered with Ancestry® to provide Club kids with access to tools and resources they need to make history, starting with the new Ancestry History Makers Scholarship for Club seniors. 

Recent high school graduates and Club kids Deirdre, Tyler and Kieran are on the path to becoming our nation’s next history makers as the recipients of the Scholarship.

“Each day at Ancestry, we are inspired by the stories of figures throughout history who have gone on to accomplish amazing things, whether that be in their career, at their university, volunteering in the community or in the military,” said Deb Liu, Ancestry President and CEO. “Club kids are the leaders of tomorrow, and we are proud to partner with the Boys & Girls Club to ensure more kids have the essential resources and support to make their great futures possible.”

Meet this year’s Ancestry History Makers Scholarship recipients and help us cheer them on as they take steps to create their place in history.

Meet Deirdre L.: The Next History Maker in Environmental Sustainability

Deidre L.Deirdre L.

82% of Club kids believe they can make a difference in their community. Deidre L. shows us the power that’s possible when we advocate and take action for our communities.

“Being at the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester helped me recognize and utilize my passion for being an advocate and helping others. I've been able to give back to the community by volunteering at the Club — the very place I gained my inspiration. 

“As part of a Club service project, I helped create the idea for a recycling program at the Club since 90% of our trash is recyclable. After college, my goal is to be an environmental advocate and raise awareness about climate change to shift the cycle positively with variations of energy alternatives.”

Meet Kieran G.: The Next History Maker in Community Improvement

Kieran G.Kieran G.

94% of Club kids say the adults at their Club believe they will be a success. That’s true for Kieran G., who attended the Boys & Girls Club of East Aurora.

“The drive to help others has always been integral to who I am and aspire to be. My Boys & Girls Club equipped me with the skills and resources to do exactly that. Through the Club, I’ve helped my community by organizing bagged lunch drives during the pandemic, volunteering at regional food and clothing distribution centers, and organizing community outreach events, such as barbecues and Halloween carnivals, to aid my community. 

“Now, I’m heading to college with the skills I developed from my Club staff, including being organized, proactive and committed to doing good. My Club believes I have the personal ability to truly make a difference, and without their presence in my life, I would not have the ability to realize my childhood dreams of helping others.” 

Meet Tyler R.: The Next History Maker in Cybersecurity

Tyler R.Tyler R.

83% of Club kids say they choose activities that push them to learn new things. The experience Tyler R. received at the Club’s Tech Connection Teen and Youth Center at NSA Monterey helped build his passion for cybersecurity.

“When I reflect on the past year, I can't help but think about all the problem-solving skills I’ve developed. From my classes to coding, I’ve learned how to think outside the box. With these skills, I plan to focus on cybersecurity. I feel an urge to help create a more secure world. I’ve learned that no great thing comes without paying attention to the little things that add up to the next great thing. As I begin college, I believe there is more than the realm of what's possible — I want to explore what can become possible!” 

You Can Help Support the Next Generation of History Makers

This year, more than 11 million kids won’t have a safe place to go after school. Boys & Girls Clubs provide the safe spaces, positive adult influences, daily meals and meaningful life experiences kids need to overcome today’s challenges and achieve their great futures. When you make a donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, you empower more kids like Deirdre, Tyler and Kieran to become the next generation of history makers.



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