Six elementary school-aged children who attend Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast, including two girls and three boys, stand with their arms around each other in blue and red shirts, looking at the camera, smiling

Because of generous people in neighborhoods across the country, kids who rely on Boys & Girls Clubs received the help they need to succeed in the year ahead. Here’s what you made possible.

Because of You, There’s Nothing They Can’t Do

Setting a word for the year ahead has become a popular tradition in the United States, where instead of resolutions, people choose a single word as their intention for the next 365 days. 

At Boys & Girls Clubs of America, there are many words we could use to describe the power and potential we know is possible for kids in 2023. But today, only one word is adequate: GRATEFUL.

Meals, leadership programming, STEM skills, mentorship, elevated voices, after high school, great futures

Grateful for your generous support during 2022 to ensure every one of the 3.6 million kids who rely on Boys & Girls Clubs had daily snacks and meals they could count on.

Grateful for your partnership to give children access to caring adult mentors who helped build their confidence, navigate challenges and pursue their dreams.

And grateful that even during a year when grocery bills were higher than ever and budgets were tight for most Americans, you chose to keep supporting kids in your community and every community, because they’re the only next generation we’ve got.

Club kids are grateful, too. So much so that they made this special video for you. (Make sure you watch until the end — that’s the best part!)

As we begin a new year together, thank you for doing whatever it takes to ensure great futures are possible for all children. Because of friends like you, there’s nothing Boys & Girls Club kids can’t do. Cheers to 2023 and the next generation. 


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