University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix is a proud supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
University of Phoenix

Our ever-growing partnership provides education and skill-development opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders. This includes the University supporting BGCA in the creation of a unique leadership development framework through projects like BGCA’s Youth of the Year program. This framework will help Club youth develop personal philosophies on leadership that will support their personal, academic and career goals.

In addition to supporting Youth of the Year, University of Phoenix provides 30 full-tuition scholarships each year to Boys & Girls Club professionals. University of Phoenix also offers a Most Inspirational Mom scholarship opportunity. The Most Inspirational Mom program was designed to reflect our partnership, which promotes a culture of family achievement and raise awareness about how University of Phoenix and Boys & Girls Clubs are creating great futures for parents and youth.

Age Category 10-12
67% of our Club members are from minority families.
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