Annual Report Financials

Financial and operational information.

Sustaining Our Financial Strength

BGCA’s financial strength and resilience comes from the dedication and generosity of our donors. Net of investment return, approximately 60% of our revenue comes from private sources such as corporations, foundations and individuals. Ranking among the top national nonprofits in raising revenue from private sources greatly reduces the need for Clubs to pay higher membership dues, enabling them to focus their resources and fundraising efforts on responding to the needs of their communities instead. While many national nonprofits rely on membership dues from local organizations for as much as 60% of their total revenue, only about 5% of BGCA’s total revenue comes from membership dues.

Local Clubs were on the front lines of our COVID-19 response and recovery in 2020, and that is reflected in how we allocate our funds as well. BGCA is one of the top organizations in our sector for passing through dollars to local organizations. From 2016 to 2020, 39 cents of every dollar shown in expenses for BGCA has been direct pass-through.

Despite the global pandemic, in 2020, local Clubs received about $80.1 million in total from BGCA in direct pass-through ($150 million from BGCA and State Alliances combined). This was an all-time BGCA record that enabled Clubs to continue serving communities during their time of great need. Our generous donors contributed $29.9 million of pass-through directly related to COVID-19 support. At the same time, BGCA and the State Alliances focused on prudent cost management and ensured the best use of our resources, increasing the percentage we spend on program services from 85.6% in 2019 to 88.5% in 2020.

Financial Statement Data

BGCA Form 990

  • BGCA 2021 Form 990: download (1.1MB PDF) 
  • BGCA 2020 Form 990: download (947 kB PDF) 
  • BGCA 2019 Form 990: download (1.1MB PDF) 
  • BGCA 2018 Form 990: download (1.5MB PDF) 
  • BGCA 2017 Form 990: download (1.2MB PDF) 

BGCA Full Audited Financial Reports

  • 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements: download (531 kB PDF)
  • 2020 Consolidated Financial Statements: download (491 kB PDF)
  • 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements: download (873 kB PDF)
  • 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements: download (493 kB PDF)
  • 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements: download (513 kB PDF)

BGCA Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreements (NICRA)

BGCA’s Provisional Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate is 5.88%