Someone Who Cares

Someone to look up to. Someone to talk to about dreams and fears. Someone to celebrate victories big and small. A good mentor is there to listen, to support, to care.

With more than 400,000 trained staff and volunteers, we provide caring guidance and support to millions of kids and teens across America in order to help them grow into confident, capable adults.

In a mentoring program at the local Boys & Girls Club, young people find positive adult mentors in staff and volunteers who notice their strengths, listen to their concerns and open up doors of possibility. From connecting youth to a program that deepens their interests to sparking their curiosity in a future career field, inspiring mentors help kids and teens explore their full potential.

There are also plentiful benefits of mentors — including helping prevent early drug use, encouraging teens to be college- and career-ready, and promoting positive mental health outcomes. Kids in youth mentoring programs are also more than 50% less likely to skip school.

Find a Club near you to learn more about youth mentoring services or volunteer to be a mentor for youth in your community.

Infographic - Success - Trophy

95% of Club members say the adults at their Club believe that they will be a success.

According to BGCA NYOI data

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My son has been with the Boys & Girls Club for four years now. Each Club staff member has been a positive influence and I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff in creating a friendly, learning, positive and safe environment.”

— Candy S. - Parent