A boy’s journey to adulthood is ripe with challenges, changes, pressures and forks in the road that will have a lasting impact. Gillette and Boys & Girls Clubs of America have embraced this challenge by partnering to help boys and young men become their personal best by developing their social and emotional well-being.

Focusing on positive social and emotional development

In 2019, Gillette committed to take action and support organizations helping boys and men on the journey to being their personal best. Together, we conducted a year-long research study to better understand the best ways to foster the social and emotional development of the nearly 1.1 million young men at Boys & Girls Clubs. Based on our learnings, Gillette’s partnership enabled the creation of four new social and emotional development resources that will be available to the over 4,700 Boys & Girls Clubs to engage male youth in discussions and activities to reinforce positive behavior. In addition, Gillette has provided annual donations to at least 20 Clubs for programming focused on positive social and emotional development.

Barbershop Talks

BGCA and Gillette have partnered for several years on research designed to better understand the social-emotional needs of young males and to create and deliver impactful programs to specifically support these crucial qualities. Since 2019, nearly 1,000 Boys & Girls Club youth have participated in events created, delivered and facilitated as a result of this partnership.

Given the many challenges youth and families face, developing programs that nurture and fortify social-emotional well-being have never more important. As a result, BGCA and Gillette established seven in-person and virtual events bringing together NFL players, barbers and nearly 400 kids for “Barbershop Talks” that hit on topics such as confidence, self-esteem and the power of being prepared.

As Club kids return to a new normal, the impact felt from COVID-19, social reform and an ever-changing world are pervasive. A platform that empowers male Club members to openly discuss complex subjects such as self-worth, opportunity and resiliency is crucial to developing more productive, caring and responsible young men.

About Gillette

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Impact on Kids

Through partnering with Samsung, we expanded access to the DIY STEM program and developed the Climate Superstars Challenge. The DIY STEM program serves as the entry-point for all members' STEM learning experience at Clubs and provides youth exposure to STEM through five modules: Energy and Electricity, Engineering Design, Food Chemistry, Aeronautics and the Science of Sports: Football. Climate Superstars aims to encourage youth to raise awareness about climate change and motivate them to take actions that help protect the environment.

Samsung's partnership enables interactive, hands-on learning while providing students with new perspectives on STEM careers and access to the latest technology. In addition, our partnership with Samsung goes beyond our programs and includes cause marketing initiatives that help promote awareness and drive donations for the organization. Through exclusive access to unique experiences such as the Las Vegas Galaxy Studio pop-up with singer Kelly Rowland and music producer and artist DJ Marshmello and a Winter Wonderland video production featuring YouTube star Casey Neistat, Samsung helps expand their understanding of STEM and encourages them to be the next generation of creators and innovators.

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Impact on Clubs

Samsung puts cutting edge technologies in the hands of underserved youth at Clubs across the country who otherwise wouldn't have access. Through state-of-the-art Tween Tech Centers outfitted with the latest technologies, including laptops, tablets, and more, Samsung has helped modernize the learning spaces at Boys & Girls Clubs.  Samsung has put cutting-edge technologies in the hands of underserved youth at Clubs across the country who otherwise may not have access. Through state-of-the-art Tween Tech Centers outfitted with tablets, laptops and the latest technologies, Samsung has helped modernize the learning spaces at Boys & Girls Clubs.

Impact on Movement

The partnership has also equipped our Youth Development Professionals with essential technology and resources to implement the DIY STEM curriculum with fidelity at Clubs across the country and on military installations around the world. BGCA is proud to have Samsung as a partner in STEM education and environmental sustainability.

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